Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission

The mission of Active Minds Academy is to create an environment where children are nurtured and supported, allowing them to thrive, prosper and grow. Through our program, children are encouraged to explore the world around them as well as gain confidence, independence, respect for others and love for learning.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be recognized as a leader in providing top quality care and learning for all ages and to be known for our positive, safe and nurturing environment, exceptional educational programs, talented team of teachers and strong community relationships that have a positive impact on a families both in and out of our care.

Our Values

Our core values are driven with the desire to nurture and develop meaningful relationships and create a strong moral and ethical compass.

  • We believe community plays an important role in the development of feelings of belonging and sense of security. Children thrive in an environment of mutually supportive and caring relationships.

  • We believe ongoing education and advocacy promotes positive early learning experiences, providing all children with the opportunity to succeed.

  • We believe integrity is the bedrock of a trustworthy organization which promotes effective relationships and accountability.

  • We believe each child deserves a quality early learning program and safe nurturing environment to make a difference in their lives and our community.

  • We believe respect is essential to building the relationships that are critical to success and optimizing the talents and diversity of Active Mind’s teachers and families.

  • We believe every child has the right to maintain his or her own identity while learning the skills required to be successful in our diverse society. Children have the right to grow up in enviornments where differences are expected and respected. They need the cultural identities of their families to be recognized and honored.